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NEW Face2Face Counselling services in 2017

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NEW Face2Face Counselling services in 2017
by Admin User - Friday, 19 May 2017, 11:10 AM

This is a message from the USP Counselling Centre.

NEW Face2Face Counselling services in 2017 at:

  • Labasa
  • Lautoka
  • Savusavu  
  • Solomon Island

For Laucala Campus – We now offer counselling by a female qualified Counsellor onsite by appointment.

Something on your mind?

Why not call or drop by and see a Counsellor

Here at University we provide counselling support for all students & staff, for any issues such as (e.g. life challenges, relationships, family, sexuality, depression, anxiety, stress, alcohol/drug issues).

What is counselling?

Counselling enables you to explore issues that are causing you concern and affecting your studies & work. Together with the counsellor you can clarify goals and develop new skills, insights and strategies to deal with the difficulties that you are currently facing. Counselling draws on your existing strengths and knowledge of what works for you, as well as offering a fresh perspective, as appropriate.

Is my problem important enough?

All issues are important. If whatever is worrying or distressing you is preventing you from achieving your goals and enjoying your life, then it is important. Addressing a problem before it gets too big is often a more effective way of dealing with difficulties.

How will talking help?

The practice of speaking about your experience is a powerful tool in helping you to make sense of what you feel. Holding things inside can increase feelings of isolation, shame or blame. Having your experiences heard and understood by someone who has had the privilege of talking with others who have had similar experiences, can help you feel less alone and hold hope for making positive changes in your life. Sometimes, it is a relief to realize that you are not alone and that what you are experiencing may be similar to others.

These services are provided in partnership with Empower Pacific Counselling and Social Services.

To make an appointment for face-to-face counselling at any of the above campuses, please contact Laucala office Counselling Centre Secretary, Elenoa Seruvatu.

Telephone +679 32 32613; Email: or Skype: uspcounsellingappointment

Counselling Booking Hours are 9.00 am – 4.00 pm