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Students Fee Payment Deadline and De-registration

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Students Fee Payment Deadline and De-registration
by Admin User - Friday, 5 May 2017, 3:38 PM

All Students,

The last agreed date of receiving full instalment of fees for Semester 1 was last Friday 28th April 2017. The University had given a grace period of one week to allow all campuses to process all fees received through various forms including direct deposits to the University’s bank accounts. We wish to inform all students of the following decisions to be implemented with regards to de-registration and de-activation of student accounts:

1.       All students who have not paid anything at all as of Friday 5th May 2017 will be de-registered on Monday 8th May 2017. These students will not be recognized as students and their debts will be cancelled.

2.       Students of member countries who owe more than FJ$500 or over 50% of the total student debt OR international students with any amount of debt will be de-registered on Monday 8th May 2017. The University will refund the students for payments made so far less $150 admin fee. The University can allow payment arrangements ONLY for those students who are nearing completions with one or two units left to graduate. Such students are required to apply to SAS and approval will be obtained on a case by case basis. Students are required to complete their application by mid-day on Monday 8th May to avoid accounts being de-activated.

3.       Students of member countries who owe less than FJ$500 or owe less than 50% of the total fee, will be allowed to continue studies and sit for exams, however, the accounts will be placed on hold straight after the exams. Students will be required to settle all fees including applicable late payment penalty charges before they can access results, graduate or re-enroll. There will be no waiver allowed for such cases.

For any further clarifications, please contact Litia Konusi at SAS on or Joan Prasad at Finance Office on

Office of SAS and Executive Director Finance

Laucala Campus