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Access to Courses for Semester 1, 2017

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Access to Courses for Semester 1, 2017
by Admin User - Wednesday, 1 February 2017, 9:58 AM

Dear Students,

Semester 1, 2017 officially starts on 6th February.

You will start getting Moodle access to your courses for Semester 1 from 1st February.

Currently the teaching staff and the course design team are working on preparing the course pages on Moodle. Work on most courses should be completed by the end of January and you will see them listed under the 2017 category on the My Courses page.
Other courses will be available for access from 6th February, when Semester 1 begins or as soon as the teaching staff make them available for students.

Please check that the courses you have registered for are listed in your registrations on Student SOLS. Allow upto 24 hours for your registration information to be updated on Moodle.

Learning Systems Team