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by Admin User - Monday, 21 November 2016, 11:56 AM

Dear Students if you have or intend to apply for any of the flexi school courses that have been advertised by the faculties and schools, please note the following procedures with regards to flexi school:

           1.     Admission

Students owing fees and are on hold must first clear outstanding fees before submitting their Application Forms for Flexi-School.

2.       Payment of Fees

5 working days prior to commencement of lectures

3.       Student Course Loads

A student cannot do two Flexi-School courses simultaneously.

Flexi-Schools should require 200-250 learning hours full time over 5-6 weeks similar to a semester course.

4.      Withdrawal from Flexi-School Courses

Withdrawal without charge is due on the 5th working day from commencement of a Flexi-School. Any withdrawal thereafter shall be liable for full fees.

5.      Cancellation

A Flexi-school course can be cancelled 5 working days before the offering scheduled time if the minimum number is not met.

The School is responsible for advising students of the cancellation of a course.

No planned flexi-school can be cancelled during the planned first week of lectures


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