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Invitation to participate in Faculty Teaching Excellence Awards survey

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Invitation to participate in Faculty Teaching Excellence Awards survey
by Admin User - Tuesday, 21 June 2016, 9:15 AM

Dear Student,

We are pleased to invite your nomination for the Faculty Teaching Excellence Awards.

"What are the Faculty Teaching Excellence Awards?
The purpose of Faculty Teaching Excellence Awards is to recognize the contributions of staff to teaching excellence and to provide a consistent process to determine suitable nominees for the VC’s Prize for Excellence in Teaching."

Who can you nominate?
All full time academic staff who has served at the university for at least 3 years from the 3 faculties (FALE, FBE and FSTE), and the College of Foundation Studies, and Pacific TAFE staff who have worked continuously for 3 years, are eligible for nomination.

What is the process?
The nomination form is only available Online and is intended for ALL enrolled students of USP in ALL the 14 campuses and all staff. To participate, students and staff should login to Student Online Services (SOLS) and click on "My Survey" or use the following link: 

Staff members are requested to login to their Staff Online Services (SOLS) and click on “My Survey” or use the following link:  

Students and staff may nominate 1 nominee only.

Nominations close at midnight on Friday 1 July 2016.

What nominees should know:
1. Self-nominations are permitted, but staff will still need to achieve the minimum number of nominations to be eligible for the award (see 2 below);

2. The data gathered from the nomination forms received shall be sorted by nominee’s names to identify individuals who have achieved the minimum number of nominations– i.e. those teaching staff that have received at least 5 nominations from individual staff and students.

3. The Office of the DVC LTSS shall inform the relevant Faculty Dean, CFS Director and Pacific TAFE Director which staff have been nominated and are eligible for the Faculty awards, with the expectation the Faculty will inform the nominees as soon as practicable following the deadline.

4. Once 5 nominations are received for an individual, the staff member shall be invited to prepare a portfolio; 5. Should the eligible nominees wish for their nominations to proceed (see 5 above), then they will be requested to prepare a portfolio addressing the criteria. Portfolios are to have a maximum 3,000 word limit; there is no minimum word requirement, but candidates must adequately address the criteria which will be sent to them..

Note: There will be one winner from each Faculty, CFS and Pacific TAFE i.e. 5 winners altogether.