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TurnItIn Similarity Reports

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TurnItIn Similarity Reports
by Admin User - Thursday, 13 August 2015, 9:46 AM

Dear Students,
For assignment dropboxes that have TurnItIn enabled, the TurnItIn Similarity Report should be generated within 20 - 90 minutes after submission. If the assignment submission is awaiting TurnItIn for the Similarity Report, then a TurnItIn ID will be shown below the file uploaded. When the similarity report is generated a similarity index percentage will be shown below the TurnItIn ID.
Click on the similarity index percentage to view the similarity report. Note that your web browser may block the similarity report pop-up. Please allow pop-ups to open up the similarity report.

Troubleshooting tips

Here are some troubleshooting tips if you encounter issues regarding TurnItIn Similarity Reports:

  • Ensure that the file you are uploading is a valid file format (ie: Word documents, PDF file)
  • If an error message is generated after you upload your file, delete your submission and re-upload the file. If an error message is still displayed, contact Moodle Help.
  • If there is a TurnItIn ID but no similarity index generated even after 90 minutes of your submission, please delete your submission and re-upload the file with a new filename.
  • If the Similarity report does not open, please allow the pop-up in your browser.

If you continue to experience issues, contact Moodle Help.

Useful Tips

Also keep note of the following:

  • Upload your assignment early to get your similarity reports on time, so that you can use them to improve your assignment submissions.
  • Submit draft copies of your assignment into the same dropbox in which you will upload the final submission. Then delete the previous draft file and upload the final file. Draft copies of the submissions are removed when you delete the file.
  • Never share your assignment files with others. It will increase the chance of getting a high similarity index.
  • Never upload your assignment in the dropbox for another course. Even if its one of your previous semester's course. This will result in a high similarity index.
  • When working in groups, only have one group member upload assignments on Moodle (even for draft versions). Have the same group member upload the assignment each time. This will ensure your similarity index is kept low.
  • Anything added to the TurnItIn repository cannot be removed, even if it is deleted from Moodle!

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We hope these tips will assist you during your assignment submissions.

Moodle Team