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Moodle services affected

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Moodle services affected
by Admin User - Wednesday, 29 July 2015, 4:00 PM

This message is mostly targeted towards teaching staff. Students may also find this information useful.

Most users continue to experience extremely slow page load times and/or intermittent connection timeouts when accessing Moodle since Monday, 27 July. This issue is affecting users at the Laucala Campus.

The network issue is causing a Moodle service disruption since some users aren't able to complete certain tasks on Moodle because of the continued timeouts and slow page loads.
The following Moodle tasks are being affected:

  • Moodle course creation cannot be completed because of timeouts
    This means that some students are not getting access to their courses
  • Groups in courses cannot be created
    Some course activities are affected by this
  • Updating course content on Moodle is taking a very long time
    Lecturers may get timeout errors or most tasks may take a long time to complete
  • Assignment submission and TurnItIn reports may also be affected
    For courses that require students to upload files into assignment dropboxes this week, students may experience difficulty in successfully uploading their submissions. TurnItIn reports may also be not generated or reports may be generated after a long time.


The functions of the Learning Systems Team in regards to Moodle is also being restricted by this issue. Course creation and bulk group creation processes cannot be successfully completed. Emails sent to the MoodleHelp email address aren't also being passed on to the Moodle support team in a timely manner. IT Services have been advised of this issue as well.

IT Services is aware of this issue and is identifying a way to address the issue. They have not given when or if they will work out a resolution. We will provide an update once a resolution is available from IT Services. Any inconvenience caused is sincerely regretted.

...Learning Systems Team