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Student Workload Activity Marks

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Student Workload Activity Marks
by Admin User - Monday, 16 June 2014, 2:36 PM

This information is for students and teaching staff of courses that are part of the Student Workload Survey.


Dear Students and Teaching Staff,

The Student Workload (timesheet) activity is now in its final week for Semester 1, 2014. The final submission for Week 18 will open at 8pm, 17 June, and close at 11:45pm, June 23. Students are requested to make their final submission for this week. No more submissions will be accepted after this deadline.

At the close of this activity, the complete 5% allocation for this activity will be available. Students should be able to view the marks earned from their submissions in the Student Workload block in their respective courses.

Teaching staff can download the marks for this activity as an Excel file (from 24 June). The download link is already available in the Student Workload block in the respective course pages. The downloaded marks can be uploaded into the Moodle Marksheet. Teaching staff who require assistance in uploading the Timesheet activity marks in the Marksheet can contact the Moodle support personnel for their course.

Thank you all for being part of this exercise.