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Access Exam Timetable via SMS

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Access Exam Timetable via SMS
by Admin User - Thursday, 5 June 2014, 11:25 AM

Dear Student,
The SMS Exam Timetable Service is now activated and enables you to access your final exam timetable information through your mobile phones.

You will need to SMS the following to 6013 to get the required information. Note the syntax for sending the SMS request.

  1. To get information for all your courses:

    Exam  YourStudentID  (example: Exam  s12345678)                                                        *Note the spaces

  2. To get information for a particular course:

    Exam  YourStudentID  CourseCode  (example: Exam  s12345678  AF101)                    *Note the spaces

Alternatively, Vodafone and Inkk users can use the new SmartDial feature to access the exam information.

            To use SmartDial: Dial *811# and follow the instructions

The SMS Exam Timetable service is Free-of-charge to all USP Students and is available throughout the Pacific Region.

On this note, the USP mLearning team wishes you all the best in your examination.

For more information, email to:

mLearning Team